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Welcome to the virtual open house for the Ajax Reinforcement Project. Thank you for joining us!

  • Enbridge Gas Inc. (Enbridge Gas) has identified the need to reinforce part of its natural gas distribution network in the Town of Ajax, Ontario.
  • The Ajax Reinforcement Project involves the construction of a 6-inch high pressure steel natural gas pipeline, an 8‑inch intermediate pressure polyethene natural gas pipeline, and two district regulation stations. The pipeline will be up to 2.5 kilometres in length. Please click here for an overview of the project.
  • Consultation with Indigenous communities and engagement with key stakeholders such as government agencies and officials, property owners and interest groups are fundamental components of the planning and environmental study that Enbridge Gas is completing for the project.
  • The purpose of this virtual open house is to provide information about the project and to present an opportunity for interested parties to ask questions and provide feedback.
  • Please see below for information about how to navigate the virtual open house and where to find the materials being presented.
Ajax Virtual VOH

Navigating the Virtual Open House

You can find a recorded presentation adjacent to this text box. Please watch and listen to the recorded presentation for more information about the project. This presentation provides information such as:

  • Project overview and purpose, including information about the route alternatives being considered
  • The Ontario Energy Board approval process
  • The environmental study process
  • A summary of the environmental studies completed to date
  • Potential environmental effects and mitigation measures
  • Project timelines
  • Next steps

You can pause or stop the presentation at any time. You can also download the audio-video file of this presentation by clicking on this link

In addition to this presentation, you can download the virtual open house materials at the following links:

If you would prefer an alternative format of the virtual open house materials (e.g., printed copy), please contact the project team by sending an e-mail to ajaxreinforcement@golder.com or by calling 647-376-6357.

Click on the recorded presentation below to learn more about the project

We would like to hear from you!

We encourage you to provide comments, feedback and questions about the project through the online comment form once you have reviewed the materials.

Please click here to be directed to the online comment form

You can also download the comment form by clicking on this link, and send it to us by e-mail to ajaxreinforcement@golder.com if preferred.

Should you need to submit the comment form by a mode other than email, please contact us at the email above or 647-376-6357 and we will be happy to help you provide your input by another means.

Enbridge Gas recognizes the diversity of Indigenous peoples who live where we work and operate. We understand from history the destructive impacts on the social and economic wellbeing of Indigenous Peoples. Enbridge Gas recognizes and realizes the importance of reconciliation between Indigenous communities and the broader society.

Please click here to be directed to Enbridge Gas Indigenous Peoples Policy.

Visit the Enbridge Gas project website at: enbridgegas.com/ajaxreinforcement for more information about the project.